Spring Time…..

I think that “Spring Time” is a good title for new beginnings….even though the season doesn’t officially start until mid March. I can’t believe that I have not blogged for 2 years….always on my infinite “to do lists,” but never actually getting there, again. 

I have been so busy during those 2 years…trying to balance my personal life with my art.

I have been involved with a number of jewelry shows and custom orders where I have made new friends and found new fans of my work, which I must say, is just an undeniable pleasure. Parallel to this, I have been trying to keep up my Etsy shop….not always easy, as just taking pictures of my work to list captivates me and I get lost in time during the process. I cannot escape my love of photography and my background. I have digitized many of my black and white photographs that I have taken and printed myself in the darkroom many years ago, while I lived in New York City and Paris, France. They are of course based on the old-fashioned negatives and not digital images. I have promised the love of my life, my dear husband Philippe, that I will one day exhibit them online to share with all of you and put them up for sale if someone loves them as much as he does.

My thirst for knowledge and need to grow as an artist has led me to take many classes and workshops these past years. In love with the art of making glass beads, lampworking has inspired me beyond words. The sensuality of melting glass and the magic of this medium has found a place in my heart. If only I could find more time in my days to work with glass or rather play with glass, as I see it…I would be completely lost in time, like a child in a sandbox.

I have pushed myself even further to learn the art of metalsmithing in jewelry making. I regularly attend workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area to broaden my horizons in this art. I recently finished another workshop on wax carving and can’t wait to explore this medium further to create more unique pieces of jewelry.

My accomplices in everything I have mentioned in this post are undeniably my children and husband. They are by my side through thick and thin and fuel my passions. But my honorable mention goes to my daughter Chloe today, who has talent beyond words. Chloe accompanies me in every step I take to explore my art and reminds me that nothing is impossible, as I watch her learn and create. She is my collaborator, my partner, and my friend, as well as my daughter. I could not continue Passionately Created without you. Chloe, you are my oldest most beautiful daughter and you have a special place in my heart…..

One day soon, we will have to honor my youngest most beautiful daughter, Gabrielle, who is catching up very fast. One who has mastered the art of “triage” in a potential explosion of beads and has already acquired a reputation for finding lost beaded treasures around multiple studios….

My goal is to combine different techniques and mediums to offer myself endless possibilities to explore and express my artistic imagination…a never ending process….I will bring myself to learn new skills and fill my brain with knowledge of life until I can no longer stand on my own two feet, until I can no longer see but clouds of white, until I can no longer hear the wind whispering in my ears and smell the sweetness of the new born grass of spring……

I promise to myself to blog more often. I will share with you work and ideas in progress and other goodies I can think of….

Art from my Heart





Fresno First Monthly Craft Bazaar!

We have been invited to participate in the DIO, Fresno’s First Monthly Craft Bazaar, organized by http://www.anzula.com and http://www.tweeboutique.com

Come and visit us if you are local, this Saturday, October 16, from 10-3 , The Anzula Studios, Iron Bird Lofts, 876 E Divisadero, #105 (on Sacramento St.)

There will be lots of great artists and wonderful creations, and gifts to purchase for yourself or to get a head start on holiday shopping. don’t miss this opportunity to admire some of the best talent in the valley!

Inspiration is everywhere and I can’t stop thinking of new designs. Every time I look at one of my gems I come up with a new idea, forgetting that I have a sketch book  full of new designs waiting to be born. When is the president going to officially add five hours to our 24 hour days? Can’t seem to make up my mind and decide which season I want to design for. I am all over the place. Thinking about my first newsletter I am dying to send out. Will be using MailChimp. Thinking about tweeting, but not sure if that wouldn’t be too much… Will be having a special sale between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter before then through www.passionatelycreated.etsy.com, just send us a request to be added though contact. New fall designs have been added. Take a look and let me know your thoughts. if someone has a favorite color and they would like to see some designs created with that color, leave us a comment.


My intention was to write every Sunday….. Making this into a kind of “Zen ritual,” but life doesn’t go as planned. Talk about cliché …

A family member of mine gave me some “input” on everything I have been working on. She said, ”don’t use the ‘Hello World’ as your first blog posting title. Everyone does that. It looks amateurish. It’s cliché! Well, I have been thinking about this remark and have decided that cliché is ok with me. If it was created, it is for a reason. It is a simple “phrase” and an effective one for that matter. So why not keep it. After all, that is what I am trying to say, “Hello world, here I am!”

Simplicity is such a challenge. In my mind, successful and meaningful simple things are a result from having attained wisdom in that matter. Whether it is cooking a steak, writing a story, or designing a piece of jewelry. When you are able to understand and accept what is simply important, what is essential to the survival of the idea, you come back to the basics. The basics is what gets the message across, but that may take a life time to achieve or one may never master the simplicity of a thought, an act or a creation. We are such complicated beings and inevitably search deeper. That is the innate curiosity of our kind. Unstoppable, insatiable, we need more and once we believe we have attained the summit, the wisdom, we need another lifetime to go backwards and accept the beauty in simple things.

How many times I have sat down in my studio and told myself that I would just design something ‘simple,’ a pure, basic design, which would hold infinite elegance. Every time, I get carried away and engulfed in the sensual pleasure of the materials I am playing with. It’s like an evil presence is whispering in my ear, striving to tempt me into indulging into adding more gemstones, gold, or other enchanted elements into my design. I fall in love with my color palette of that moment, that design, which is born from my heart. I start to visualize the woman wearing my creation. My mind wanders into an imaginary world. How pretty she is standing there in that gorgeous white wedding dress. The whole room turns around to look at her. Family and friends, some that haven’t seen her for years, but have been invited only to witness this special moment in time, admire her beauty with incessant staring. Nothing and no one can take that pure and simple radiant happiness away from her face. Her eyes are overflowing with pure love. She feels like the most wanted woman in the universe. Her dress strokes the floor as she slowly walks into the room. The crystal and pearl necklace, designed by Passionately Created that she wears gracefully around her young, slender neck, reflects the twinkle of endless love she has in her eyes. Precious clusters of treasured gems lie on her chest, warming her heart at that precise moment. Her head spins with delight as she feels the throbbing vibrations of vintage pearls and crystals dance in harmony with the fast beating thumps of her heart. This hand embroidered, lace dress will simply be an inevitable heirloom that she will pass on to her child and of course this Passionately Created, heirloom, bridal necklace will become a part of her treasure chest and family tradition until death do us part. There is no wisdom needed to know that love is just simply essential to survival of man.

Art from the Heart

Hello world!


blog ocean


The Sunday Blog……

“The Sunday Blog” seems like a good name for a blog. I have thought about this for so many days, weeks now…..starting a blog. Everyone is doing it! It’s the “In” thing to do…so do I really have a choice? “To blog or not to blog, that is the question. “( I have always wanted to use that phrase) Yes and no ….. all my “artistic colleagues” or competitors, seems like the more realistic definition, which ever way you want to say it, are “doing it.” So, without further a due, I am diving into the Blog Ocean.

What to write in my blog now that I have decided to go for it…? Do I write about my artistic inspirations? That may bore people. The bottom line is that we are all inspired by life around us and by our emotions, and reactions to events. But do you really want to know what tickles my fancy. I guess you will really have to love my art in order to spend your Sunday morning reading my blog instead of your Sunday paper.

Should I add something about my experiences “to starting a home business?” Well, frankly, I look for advice and inspiration myself: A lot of trial and error. So many people are trying to add these details into their blogs to try to get you to follow their site. With a lot of praying, they secretly hope you will end up buying their product by making sure you are addicted to their blog and extensive knowledge on “successful tactics.” Do I read these experts advise? Yes, of course. Does it lure me into checking out the person’s products or art? Yes, of course. Is that what a blog is all about?

Do I have special, delicious cooking recipes to share with you? Oh Yeah!!


French pastry...


I have a European background and was always brought up with the meals being a major family event. So, delicious food has always been a subject of conversation as I grew up. “If you don’t try, you will never know,” my father use to say. So, yes, I consider myself to have a pretty “expanded culinary palette,” if I can say it that way. And, frankly, I love food! Many recipes I could share with you on my blog …… will that get you to purchase my jewelry? Food is the way to man’s heart.” Hopefully a woman’s too, at least those who aren’t afraid to admit it.

Are you interested in my other talents? I really started drawing at a very young age. It was an “escape” from all my emotional issues. When I say young, yes, I mean a child. I just remember giving drawings upon drawings to my parents. They would slide them under a glass table/board framing their bed. I was proud. I ended up majoring in Photography. I have many photographs to share with the world, old and new. Is it safe to do that on my blog? What if I end up wanting to sell them one day? People might help themselves to them on my blog if they like them. Should I care? Maybe you’ll buy my necklaces if I show you my favorite black and white portraits I once did in the streets of Paris, of the resemblance of people and their dogs.

I would love to share my creative visions for my next jewelry designs. I’m afraid my “art colleagues” will steal my ideas. But, I have some great pearls that I just purchased and boy is the color red the next best thing! After all, we are so many on this earth: so many artists. Does red belong to me? It belongs to me for the instance I dream it up. These few seconds are mine and then in a blink, the billions of artists on this earth have thought about it before me.

My traveling adventures, I’ve been to quite a few places if you compare me to the person next door that never left their state. I have observed so much when I traveled. My experiences translated into my emotions, translated into my art… I have forged opinions about strange people and places, founded on cultural knowledge? No, I can’t say I am a “social studies” expert. I am not old enough to have gained ultimate wisdom on the people of different traditions. Anyway, I am more interested in designing right now than studying the wars of a country and its people, although the daily international news is mandatory in my day. But, those bright colors, the draping folds of their clothing that would be outdated in “fashion week”, the smells of their “specialty dish” inhaled through my nose as I sit down to eat, houses made of stone that the big bad wolf can not blow down and so much more that brands the first pinch of my pliers onto my wire.




Actually, I love to write. Creative writing was one of my favorite subjects as a child. My mother wrote. I didn’t know her for very long, as she died when I was seven. I discovered a huge volume of her poetry, in French, that I still yearn to understand. The courage and energy that will take me will be a voyage I will have to save up for. Or, is this something you would like to share with me? I am not sure. Somber French poetry, well, that could be exotic and free therapy for me. And maybe you will connect to my art then?

So, a blog is a virtual diary. Let’s leave it at that. If you like to write, it’s a great outlet. Instead of narcissistically enjoying your own traditional, journal entry that will be discovered by your family when you are dead, indulge in a virtual diary that will be shared by billions of people. No therapy needed. If you are lucky, your blog will be fished out and raved about and someone will buy your jewelry. What a pleasure actually to just write and not really realize how vulnerable you are making yourself with this blog. Your secret, protected thoughts and insecurities captured behind private walls of your paper notebook entries, now shared with the entire planet earth. One could compare a virtual blog with experiencing a nudist beach I think. Now that’s a good Sunday blog subject.

I would like to invent a story for the shear pleasure of writing and you could follow it every Sunday, like the cartoons in your weekend newspaper. Excitingly anticipating my next chapter. That would be fun, but I am not sure what she was looking for. She lay down underneath the tree. The grass was itchy. The pointy swords of grass dug into her skin, but she didn’t care. She would find a way to get comfortable in that luscious bed of green anyway. The tree gave her some shade, some protection, only partially, as the sun slowly crept up her ankles. The type of tree, she really didn’t care. It was a moment of peace. What really mattered were the clouds. What else could matter at such a young age? Could anyone see what she saw? Was that an eye staring down? The nose seemed so prominent. A dominating face as the cloud gracefully shifted to the left, the tepid wind caressed her forehead, and one could no longer tell if the mouth had been a frown, a smile or just there.

I really look forward to blogging with you next Sunday, whoever you are…


be back soon.....